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A garden suite is a smaller additional dwelling to an existing property, installed or constructed on the same lot. Unlike a home extension, it’s not usually attached to the main home – it is self-contained, with living spaces such as a kitchen, bedrooms, and bathroom.

Garden suites are also known as, granny flats, auxiliary suites, Coach houses, ADU's, Laneway homes, accessory dwellings, etc.

Garden suites provide affordable housing. They can be barrier-free and should be easy to maintain.

At AKH we understand the complexity of creating a garden suite from the ground up.


This process includes initial design, engineering and drawings, city permit, applications, and finally the construction stage.


We navigate through these processes with knowledge and ease which creates a stress-free and enjoyable project for us and our investors!


This 520 sq. ft. garden suite was constructed in just under 4 months during the height of COVID.


We were able to effectively manage delays and restrictions with ease and delivered our investor a beautifully finished product!


This Garden Suite features 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom with a large living/dining space and a luxurious kitchen. It also has 9 foot ceilings throughout to give it an open and airy feel. We carefully selected all materials and finishes for a more innovative and creative design.

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